Meet this 73 years “young” highly educated thief having stolen 83 cars

dhaniram mittal

New Delhi:  He started it in the 1960s, stealing cars from the parking lots of local courts, and claims to have even forged papers of a judge and presided over a district court in Rohtak for some days. Now in his 70s, Dhani Ram Mittal has been nabbed for involvement in 86 cases of vehicle thefts and forgery in the Capital, police said Monday. Mittal, 73, holds a diploma in handwriting and graphology and has done a bachelor’s in science and law, according to police. Mittal was nabbed along with his associate Teja Singh, 50, from Dabwali in Haryana March 11 when they were about to sell a stolen vehicle.

“We have solved nine cases of vehicle thefts and recovered vehicles,” Deputy Commissioner of Police Meenu Choudhury said Monday. The police have also recovered nine more vehicles, four of which were hidden in Singh’s five-acre plot in Dhani village in Rajasthan.

The arrests came after Mittal’s foster son, Sanjay Mittal, was held in December 26 last year and his two other associates in January this year. “It was not the money which turned Mittal into a thief but his wish to do what he wanted to do in his life made him criminal. It was Mittal who introduced his foster son to the world of crime,” said Choudhary.

Mittal, against whom the first case was slapped in 1964, stole vehicles from the parking lots of the courts in Rohtak and Delhi where he was a practising lawyer. “He told us that in the late 1970s he forged the resignation letter of a judge and sent it to authorities. He even received the acknowledgement card. He then prepared a forged appointment letter and presided over the district court in Rohtak for 40 days before his bluff was called. We are verifying this,” said Choudhury.

Mittal allegedly entered the world of crime from the Road Transport Office in Rohtak where he started making forged driving licenses and registration papers. He was arrested for the first time in 1964 in Rohtak for preparing forged documents of vehicles.

He became a lawyer in 1970. “He used to do a recee of the parking lots near various court complexes and targeted Maruti Esteem cars which have old or used locks and stole the vehicle with the help of master keys during daytime,” said Choudhury. During interrogation, Mittal told police that he with his foster son Sanjay Mittal has committed a series of auto thefts in the area of Delhi.

“So far, he is involved in 86 cases of forgery and vehicle lifting. We are investigating,” added Choudhary. Teja Singh came in contact with Sanjay Mittal while he was in jail in Punjab. After coming out from jail, Mittal was introduced to Teja Singh by his son.