Rs 251 phone : More Dhoka than reality

251 phoneNew Delhi: On the day world’s cheapest mobile phone was launched at Rs 251, its website crashed. On the very same day a message went viral regarding the phone. Let’s see the reality of the message. On the social media, a viral message says the company that is booking phones for Rs 251 can be a sham and dupe the consumers of their money. We do not confirm that the company would dupe people. But to some extent, the viral message is right. Now, the telecom department has ordered an inquiry into this.

Here’s what our experience has been like so far:

When we click on the “Buy Now” option on the website’s homepage, we are asked to fill in details such as shipping address, quantity, phone number, and email address.

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However, once we fill in the details and hit the “Pay Now” icon, the site automatically redirects us to the same Buy Now page — where we’re asked to fill in all the details again.

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We aren’t the only ones. Here’s what Twitter users have been saying this also.