38 years old gets husband killed for 21 year old lover

38 yearsPatna/Hajipur (Bihar state, India): Rani, the 38 years old woman has got her husband killed for 21 year old lover, She is the mother of three children. Six months ago, she had eloped to Orissa with her boyfriend Shankar. Then the husband explained to her and then brought her home. Rs, 50 thousand supari for murder in the contract …
– Painter Ashok Singh was killed near the Johari Bazaar Nagar police station on Thursday.
– The murder case has been exposed by the police in just 24 hours.
– Police has arrested wife of the deceased Ashok Kumar Singh, the sharp shooter Bunty and 2 others, The murder plot was hatched due to illicit relationship
– According to police, for the murder of her husband, Ashok Singh’s wife Rani  had given contract to a shooter of Patna.
– The affair was going on for last for the last two half years between Rani and her younger sister’s broher-in law Shankar.
– Rani  and Shankar decided to get rid of Ashok Singh due to illicit relationship
– Rani  and her boyfriend planned the murder together. Patna shooter was approached. The contract was given for the murder for 50 thousand rupees.
Ashok Singh. Was murders in Gudri market on July 2.
The case was solved when sharp shooter was arrested