Sultan hit, but bundle of mistakes

sultan mistakes

One of the most awaited movies of this year, Salman Khan’s Sultan released this weekend. The movie based on the life of a wrestler, Sultan Ali Khan, had a huge advance booking and after the release, people just can’t get enough of the movie. This Salman Khan affair has won hearts worldwide and people are already calling it one of Salman’s best work till date.

Audience and critics alike, everyone is pouring appreciation for the movie.

However, there were instances in the movie that while many failed to take notice, and others who did, were left dumb-folded. Yes, the movie isn’t a mistake-proof one and falls prey to the Bollywood norms that we just can’t get enough of. Even Tiger Shroof’s Baaghi had huge mistakes in it.

  1. It starts from the poster only

Yes, if you take a close notice of the poster of the movie, you’ll realise this one grave mistakes that the team did. The color of the Instagram logo is blue here, which it isn’t! And that say a lot of about the eye of the post-production workers.

2 IRI? Which country is that?

This mistake can be noticed when a match is going on between India and Iran for gold medal in wrestling in the movie. And on the scoreboard it reads IRI. Which country is that? Rather it should be IRA(Iran). Err.. Which country is that? If it was meant to be Iran, it has to be IAR.

3,. While everyone seems to be impressed with ernest performances by Salman and Anushka, their dialect was something that would give huge laughter to people from Haryana.’

4Salman is shown to be a generous guy in the movie and, being in his character, he picks three school kids on his scooter on his way to his office. He, however, takes them to have ‘ganne ka rass‘ and leaves them there and runs to his place. He was supposed to drop them to the school, right?