Why they wear helmets in office and use umbrellas?

UmbrellaIt is an irony of fate that they are employees of a major construction agency but the building where they work is so dilapidated that they have to wear helmets fearing that the roof might cave in any time. Some others work under umbrella to save files from being drenched.

This is the Office of National Highway section of Madhya Pradesh Public Works Department (PWD) in Sagar district of of the. The old building has been going on for years in this office. The employees and officers are sometimes forced to work with a helmet umbrella ever. Why work with a helmet umbrella and …

– The workers of office work by umbrella to avoid dripping water. To save the document in another room and even umbrella or plastic bucket use.

– If there is rain umbrella office people are laid and work by opening the season on the helmet.

– Staff say that opening the season in the rain on the roof leaks and plaster from the ceiling starts to fall.

– According to the information highway of the PWD B & R branch office declared it is shabby.

– The new office building has not forced the staff-officer working here.