Woman brutally murdered by boyfriend

murderImlibata, Bilaspur: A woman’s boyfriend slit her throat with a knife. After committing the crime, he surrendered himself to the police station. Earlier the Girlfriend had sent the young man sent to jail on charges of rape. Three days earlier, she had brought him from jail on bail and was pressing her to stay. And that was a feud between them.

– Imlibata resident Amrit Jyoti Rao Shinde, 35 years after the death of her husband started affair with 22 year Sanjay Jaiswal.

– Both were living in a house in Ashok Nagar.

– Jyoti filed police report  against Sanjay. Police filed charges of rape against him was sent to jail.

– Sanjay was in jail, and he was so light. Sanjay somehow wanted to come out of prison and he has agreed to remain with Jyoti.

– Jyoti gave him bail. Dutt on bail three days after escaping from prison came. Jyoti was at home. Old dispute between them is issued. The two began to fight.

– Monday morning there was a dispute between them. Sanjay got angry and attacked with a knife light.