Baba nay kiya shishya ko pregnant

Baba nay kiya pregnant New Delhi : Religious gurus are often subject of controversial discussions. The latest case pertains to Mahamandleshwar Baba Rasanand of Agni Akhara of Haridwar, who died recently. His woman disciple has said that she was made pregnant by Baba before his death and she is carrying his child in her womb. She is even ready for DNA test.

Declaring herself as widow of Baba Rasanand, his disciple Tejendra Kaur claimed that she had got married to Baba legally. Her delivery is expected soon.

At Haridwar Press Club, Tejendra Kaur informed that she is also ready for DNA test of child.

It may be mentioned that Baba Rasanand died this year during Simhashta Mahakumb at Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh.

Baba Rasanand lived a luxurious life and possessed very costly cars like Pajero. When asked about it, he used to reply, “It has been given by Bhakt”. Baba has already a 13 year old son, who lives in Ashram.

His property at Haridwar is estimated to be Rs 100 crore. According to sources, his son is heir to half his property. At present, Baba Kailashanand is looking after Ashram. He has described woman’s claim as wrong. Tejendra Kaur belongs to Delhi and was living with Baba in the Ashram for last 8 years. She has claimed share in Rs. 100 property of Baba.