Bhadbhada dam gates open after 3 years

BhadbhadaIt was 3 years ago, when gates of Bhopal city’s Bhadhabada dam were opened last. This time, 3 of its gates have been opened. On July 12, 2016, one sluice gate of Bhadbhada dam was opened by chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan after heavy rainfall in Bhopal on Tuesday, to let the excess rainwater outflow into Kaliasot reservoir.

An eleven sluice gate dam called the Bhadbhada dam was constructed at Bhadbhada in 1965 at the southeast corner of the Lake, and this controls the outflow to the river Kaliasot.

After water level reached 1666.00 feet at around 12 noon, the officials of Bhopal Municipal Corporation decided to open one gate and within minutes second and third gates were opened too. CM Chouhan, collector, commissioner, Bhopal Municipal Corporation and the mayor were present at the time of opening of Bhadbada gates.

Meanwhile Bhopal residents looked enthusiastic about the opening of the Bhadbhada gate. To witness the spectacular view of the opening of the dam gates and water gushing through the gates with incredible force nearly 2000 people reached the Bhadbhada dam. Before the gate was opened, a warning siren was sounded to alert the residents downstream.

Bhadbhada gates were opened six times in 2013

Last time, it was in 2013, when Bhadbhada gates were opened six times during the monsoon period. Before , 2013, the gates were also opened in August 2012, when the water level in the Upper Lake touched its full tank level for the first time since 2006.

Prior to 2016, Upper Lake had reached its full tank level in 2013, 2012, 2006, 2004 and 2002. Last year in July, when the monsoon hit the state, the lake’s water level was 1,655 feet.

Talking about the level in Upper Lake, BMC assistant engineer (water) Rakesh Nigam said the water level in the 35 square km Upper Lake increased due to heavy showers in the catchments area of the lake. “Three gates were opened and they will be kept open for few hours till the water level subside to some degree. The level came too close to the full tank level , and it was raining heavily so we decided to open the gates. This was necessary as Bhopal is going through a flood like situation. ” he said.


July 12: 1666.00 feet

July 11: 1665.00 feet

July 19, 2014: 1659.75 feet

August 21, 2013: 1666.80 feet

July 19, 2013: 1665.80 feet

May 1, 2012: 1659.55 feet

May 1, 2011: 1652.7 feet

Full Tank Level: 1666.80 feet