Ladkey ne nanga nahate dekh liya to girl ne khud ko jalaa liya

girlJaipur: Embarrassed and shocked after an 18-year-old boy saw her having a bath, a 20-year-old girl attempted suicide by self-immolation at Delana village of Bhilwara district. The girl was admitted to the hospital in Udaipur after she sustained 70% burn injuries. The father and a relative of the accused boy have been arrested for criminal trespass.

According to police, the incident took place on Wednesday evening when the girl was taking a bath in a shed of her house. “She suddenly realized that a boy was peeping. When she shouted, her maternal uncle came out and nabbed the boy,” said Bhilwara superintendent of police Pradeep Mohan Sharma on Thursday.

Sharma added that, initially, the family members of the girl had reprimanded the boy. Later, drama prevailed when Kishanlal Vaishnav (45), the father of the boy, and Bhawan Das (30), a relative, barged into the house of the girl and picked a fight with her maternal uncle.

“Seeing the scuffle, the girl felt she was responsible for the trouble and tried to immolate herself. When we recorded her statement at the hospital, she clearly mentioned that the boy’s act had triggered the confrontation and her suicide attempt,” said Sharma, quoting from her statement.

Police have arrested Kishanlal and Bhawan Das for alleged criminal trespass into the house of the girl. “The boy is on the run,” said a senior officer.

They will take the girl’s statement again from the hospital where she is undergoing treatment to probe other angles of the incident. “There is a possibility that the maternal uncle of the girl may have seen her in a compromising position with the boy. This could have triggered the tension between the two families. However, we will take a final statement from the girl again to reconfirm things related to the case,” said Sharma. Police have ruled out rape in this case