Raid was for income tax, but high level sex racket revealed

sexIncome Tax department officials raided a building in Delhi’s upscale Safdarjung Enclave in connection with a forgery case today. The officials had no idea what was about to be unearthed.

Acting on a tip-off, the Income Tax department raided the South Delhi flat in search of one PN Sanyal. The 63-year-old businessman reportedly used forged letterheads of two MPs – Naresh Aggarwal and Jagdambika Pal – to get his work done in government offices. Many fake letter heads of MPs were also recovered from the house.

During the raid, two female foreign nationals were also detained. It was after this that the Delhi Police was informed.

The women told the cops that they were being blackmailed by Sanial, who has also kept their travel documents in his custody.

The Delhi police suspect that Sanyal and a retired army colonel Ajay Ahlawat were running a high profile sex racket. Another retired armyman, who is also involved in the racket, is on the run.

Since the suspects deal with government department officials the cops are now investigating whether these women were used as honey trap by them.