Dhoni and Rain have close ties with sex racket accused

dhoniCaught in a house of  Safdarjung in New Delhi nternational sex racket in the investigation are revealed surprising. According to reports, the racket running Col Ajay Ahlawat Indian ODI and T20 captain MS Dhoni are very close. Please tell the Safdarjung Enclave located in block A-2 PN. Sanyal’s house in income tax was red, it was off to the bathroom during a Russian girl. 24 passports were recovered. He often met with Colonel Ahlawat, farmhouse birthday was celebrated on …

– Actually, Ajay Brijvasan Delhi area is a large farmhouse.

– Many celebrities came and lived here.

– According to the reports, the Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Suresh Raina also met Colonel Ahlawat.

– Colonel Ahlawat polo club was running in his farmhouse.

– Stunningly, the same farmhouse in the Ahlawat Dhoni Day birthday was celebrated.

Can be startling revelations

– DCP South Ishwar Singh said about this team is created to investigate the case.

– Is not limited to just these Mamala racket. It still may be more revelations.

– On the other hand, Colonel Devendra Sherawat Brijvasan legislator has sought to seal the farmhouse.

Who Ajay Ahlawat

– Colonel Ajay’s record is tainted. Gold smuggling from him regarding property fraud cases.

– Army of the VRS Colonel Ahlawat many serious crimes are concerned.

– The earlier supply of weapons to the LTTE have been found involved in the case.

– DRI in 2015 was found in the relationship gold smuggling.

– Police in this case to sit face to face Sanyal Ahlawat and is investigating the matter.

– Ajay Ahlawat relationships were also reported from several defense dealers.


Was called from abroad girls

– PN Sanyal man called Colonel Ahlawat ran this business.

– The foreign girls had several high-profile people makes supplied.

– Sanyal got from Central Asia to foreign girl said it was calling too many girls here.

– Russian girl got from Sanyal says that he had come to India on tourist visas.

So the big issue

– Colonel Ahlawat army officers so far had not supplied the girls.

– Now it is also being checked. If so, the case could be big.

– Because, it increases the chances of having leaked the information to the defense.