Use pesticides cautiously to save peacocks

Forest department’s appeal to farmers

Bhopal, July 24, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):  Forest Department has urged farmers to use pesticides cautiously so that peacocks and other birds are not killed by it. Some pesticide dissolve in rain water. Peacocks die after consuming this water. Use of some pesticides in crops of wheat, millet and maize etc can be harmful of peacocks. Recently, 24 peacocks died Ashok Nagar and 4 in Petlawad after eating wheat grains. PCCF (Wildlife) Mr. Jitendra Agarwal has issued directives in this regard to all divisional forest officers. On the information of villagers day before yesterday, the department had found dead and dying peacocks at Repari village in Ashok Nagar district. Of these, 19 were found dead while 4 more peacocks died yesterday. In the post-mortem, dust-coloured wheat grains have been found in dead peacocks’ stomachs. All such dust-coloured wheat grains have been cleared from the site and buried elsewhere. Farmers are being constantly advised. Villages have been directed to constantly monitor situation of peacocks and instantly inform in case of any eventuality.  Four peacocks have also died in Petlawad in Jhabua district. People are very alert towards protection of peacocks in peacock-dominant area. Local organisations are active for conservation and augmentation of peacocks. Arrangements of water for peacocks have been made at various places. On being injured, peacocks are immediately treated. They are released on recovering. Forest Department has urged farmers to prevent peacocks from going to the fields where pesticides have been sprayed.