Actress ke ghar 50 lakh ki chori,  raton raat ghareeb hui shadi se pehle

RICHATV actress Richa Dixit and her family are in a state of shock currently. Their house has been burgled recently, and the family has incurred a loss of around Rs. 50 lakh. What’s more saddening is that the incident took place few months before the actress’ wedding that was slated to happen by the end of this year!

Talking to, Richa, who has worked in shows like CID, Crime Patrol, Savdhan India and Meri Pyaari Saasu Maa, shared that her mom has been affected the most and is inconsolable, after the incident. She has not been keeping well after the theft that took place on 18th July, at Richa’s Kanpur home.

Divulging more details, Richa said, “My heart broke seeing everything that my father and I had worked so hard for taken away. All our precious belongings have been stolen. The thieves also stole my engagement ring. On an estimate we have suffered a loss of around 50 lakhs, which includes my jewellery, apart from the ornaments owned by my mother and my two sisters-in-law.”

Actress Richa Sharma
Actress Richa Dixit

The incident happened when the family had gone to Kota to visit her elder brother. “It was my engagement on July 11. After the engagement, my parents and I planned a trip to Kota. We got a call from one of our neighbours on July 18 that the lock on the main door of our house was broken and she suspected something amiss. We immediately headed back home and reached Kanpur the next day in the wee hours. It was a shock to see the whole house ransacked,” said the actress.

Richa’s mother is in shock after the theft. She is worried about her daughter’s wedding as all the traditional jewellery that she saved for her, has also been taken away. Richa shared that she faints every time she thinks about the incident and is inconsolable.

Richa’s father Niranjan Prasad Dixit too is worried how he will marry his daughter after the huge loss. “I will have no job after 4 months and so no bank will give us loan now. After this incident I am only left with the option of selling my ancestral land for my daughter’s wedding.”

The entire family was in the celebration mode after Richa’s engagement to a Bangalore-based engineer happened on 11th July. But now a wave of gloom has gripped the family. Richa says not just her relatives, who are helping them a lot, police too have been very co-operative with them.