China ki Kutta dawat main thousands are killed

KuttaWorld famous annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival begins from 21 June and continue till 30 June in Yulin City, Guangxi, China. However, protests have already begun to ban the festival and save thousands of Dogs from being butchered mercilessly.

The festival started on 21 June 2009 in order to boost local tourism. However, it has always been in controversies and millions of people have sent petitions this year to stop it too.

Restaurant owners in China claim that eating dog meat is traditional during the summer season. Animal rights campaigners all over the globe have also heavily criticized the festival for its brutality. Dogs have to undergo a lot of torture as they are brought here from all over the country and put in cages without proper food and water.

The dogs are slaughtered in front of people and it is estimated that nearly 10,000-15,000 dogs are consumed within the period of 10 days.

Even China’s image has taken a huge hit due to the controversial festival. Pictures, which circulate online, bring horrified reactions from people on social media.

Kutta 2 As per various surveys, a vast part of the Chinese populace is against the festival and 51.7 percent people have demanded a ban on it.

Young and educated Chinese citizens have also voiced their protest against the festival and nearly 11 million people have signed petitions to stop it.

People have chosen unique ways to protest and are clicking pictures with their pet Dogs to oppose their torture. Animal rights activists have presented staggering estimates of nearly 300 dogs and cats being slaughtered everyday in Yulin.

Statistics also indicate that every year nearly 10 to 20 million dogs and cats are killed in China.