IS destroys, NGO saves lives in Syria

rescueAfter a short period of Arab rule, Ottoman Syria came under the French in the 1920s. It came to be known as a Republic from 1938 and got independence in 1946, but the Arab-Israeli war soon began, in 1948.

Former President Hafez-al-Assad took over the country after a successful coup in 1970 and ruled for 30 long years till 2000. With the Arab Spring, a revolutionary movement with demonstration and violent protests, riots and civil wars, of 2011, Syria still continues to be a war-torn nation.

An NGO, by the name of Syria Charity, operates in the country and helps the innocent people who are affected by the ongoing civil war. With many volounteers and rescue workers, Syria Charity hopes to make things better and strives to ensure proper treatment and care to the affected.

Yesterday, the official Facebook page of the NGO shared two videos to shed light on the lives of rescue workers associated with them. From bombings to stone pelting to violent attacks even on ambulance, these rescue workers risk their lives to serve the people of Syria.