RSS should reveal fund details

Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh on Saturday claimed that RSS was an unregistered organisation and asked it to reveal details about the funds it collects annually, especially on the occasion of ‘Guru Purnima’.

“There is no question of banning an unregistered organisation…Number of times you ask for a ban on RSS, you know RSS is not a registered organistion,” Singh told reporters here after chairing a coordination committee meet this evening.

RSS “They (RSS) collect huge funds on Guru Purnima, which go unaccounted. How much money comes in the form of ‘guru dakshina’ to RSS? Has it ever been accounted for?” he said.

“(This is) because unregistered organisation of RSS does not come under any act. Where does this money go? This is something which RSS must reveal,” Singh said.

On a question about the incident at Una in Gujarat, where a group of Dalits was brutally thrashed for allegedly skinning a cow, Singh claimed even the organisation behind that attack, was not registered and its members are “hooligans collecting money with connivance of local police”.

“How can you ban such organisations? Where is the registered organisation? Have they been given authority under the law for moral policing? Do they have legal power to beat up anyone they want?” the senior Congress leader said.

The July 11 assault, allegedly involving members of Gau Raksha Samitis, caused a groundswell of outrage and triggered a spate of suicide attempts by Dalits in other parts of Gujarat as a mark of protest.