Very mysterious animal

A mysterious object floating in the water to see, then you can tell him that all he had to do. But at times things that are visible, which is to say extremely difficult. Some photos of such an organism is viral in social media. They had arrived in front of a ship in the ocean. Where the case of …
mysteriousThe phenomenon of the Arabian Gulf, where the fishermen sail these huge creatures suddenly appeared, which was dead. It was quite a stink. Fishermen tried to identify a closer look, but do not recognize this mysterious creature. However, some people aboard the ship were declared rare whales, some aliens were telling it. However, according to some, was the body of a dead animal, which appeared due to water bizarre.
Director of Marine Science at the University of California, Dr. Gary Griggs and Experience Based on the information I had, I can say that these whales. However, looking at the condition of the body is difficult to identify the actual species. Please tell just such a creature appeared in Japan, some people, some whale sharks are identified.