Why was this woman murdered?

NeeruSirsa (Haryana) Sirsa in Haryana was robbed in broad daylight as the murder of a woman called divorced Neeru new reveals. Neeru call details of mobile numbers of police have received vital information about Neeru. The cause of the murder is revealed. What did the children revealed …
– Police questioned said Neeru children at home mom to come for two or three uncles lived.
– Children, said that after the arrival of Uncle mother sent us out to play or used to work. There was also talk on the phone.
– Similarly, when the neighbors say Neeru gate was open. Was open in terms of doubts here and there looking. Neeru has seen the coming of the people in the house often.
– All statements by the police, the case has begun to trace.
– So far, the police claim that he added the beams. Is being added together. The case is likely to be so soon trace. Police is investigating the case of angles and sides, has formed.
Not with the intention of robbing murder
– Police investigations so far have yielded somewhat similar signs, which showed that neither death, nor had any intention of robbing kids. The killing is blackmail.
– Neeru details of mobile numbers of a half dozen police crawling number of people are met. Neeru which was in constant contact.
– Neighbors told police that there was a coming and going of many people.
– Police say that only in the case of important leads have been received. About the murder will be disclosed soon. While some people in the police station for questioning, also kept calling.
Supari said the police investigation by giving to assassinate angle
– In this case, according to police teams are working. Police involved in the investigation is from the angle.
– Police say the case of indications of blackmail because the third person killed by a white collar could be made. That murder by contract.
– “The way the murder was carried out. That the killer’s kind of a badass. Hence the name of the call details to the police so far have come from. ”
– “He is the police layoffs. Call details of the last 6 months has been explored. ”
This is the case

– Haryana’s Sirsa district Talakshuda Neeru woman named Begu Road, was living with her two children.
– About a week ago, in broad daylight, the woman was strangled.
– When the children were in school at the time, a girl was killed.
– When he returned at noon and a half, her mother was lying on the floor Neeru. He was bleeding from the ears.
– Assassin’s misleading as it gave the booty. Police were trying to trace.
There fore the point of blackmail
– Police found the biggest clue. He’s a white-collar sector queens blackmailing case.
– Sources of queens Neeru person who had blackmailed. The resultant eight lakh were recovered from him.
– Police have questioned him. He has also admitted. Police believe that so many people were concerned with Neeru.
– That any of them to be blackmailed. He had carried out the attack or harassment is made. Police is investigating this seriously.
Trace will be the case soon

– Sirsa police Spokprson Sharn said Surjeet was still the case in the police investigation of blackmailing feel.
– Czech police have the call details of the deceased Neeru name and mobile number so that dozens of people have come to light. Whom he was in constant contact.
– Surjeet said a blackmail case unfolded. So the police began to question them. The case is likely to be traced quickly.