World’s most expensive shirt made of gold missing after murder of wearer

gold shirtMeanwhile, reports are coming that the shirt which made him popular is missing. According to a report in Indian Express, Phuge’s son initially said that family has kept it in the safe custody of the Ranka Jewellers in Chinchwad.

Seven out of nine people arrested in connection with the sensational murder of businessman Dattaray Phuge, known as ‘goldman’ for wearing a shirt made of the precious metal, has been sent to police custody till July 21.

Amol Pathare, Shailesh Walke, Vishal Parkhe, Nivrutti Walke, Prem Dholpuria, Atul Mohite and Sushant Pawar were remanded in police custody, said the investigating officer Navnath Ghogare.

However, the owner of Ranka Jewellers reportedly said that they had handed the shirt to Phuge soon after it was ready and don’t know about it know. When Shubham was contacted again, he said he will consult with his family about the whereabouts of the shirt.

Earlier, the high-profile businessman’s vehicle was accosted by some unknown persons on the outskirts of the city late on Thursday night. He was then dragged out of his vehicle, attacked him a sickle and then pounded to death with huge stones.

Phuge usually moved around with armed private bodyguards, but it is not clear where they were at the time of the incident. Police have arrested four people in this connection.

goldThe police have recovered the sickle used in the crime and have sent Phuge’s body for an autopsy.

Dattatray Phuge, whose wife is Seema is an ex-municipal corporator, shot to limelight in 2012 after he was spotted wearing a shirt made up of 22-carat pure gold which came decorated with six glittering Swarovski crystal buttons and an accompanying flashy gold belt in a matching design.

The “golden shirt’ has over 14,000 gold flowers intertwined with 100,000-plus spangles sewn on a base of fine velvet, is described as easy and comfortable to wear like any normal clothes.

The shirt was put together by 15 artisians from West Bengal, who spent nearly 18 hours each day for two weeks to bring this garment together.

According to reports, Phuge had the habit of wearing gold to the tune of 7 kgs in his daily life.

Besides his primary business of lending money, he ran the Vakratund Chit Fund Pvt. Ltd. along with his wife. and there were complaints of financial misappropriation against him in recent times.