Baywafa husband nay AIDS ka injection laga kar maar daala

aids 1They say everything is fair in love and war. But some people take this way too seriously and reduce to such levels that there is no difference between them and a monster. When Jyoti (name changed) was married to Sanjeet Jayaswal of Motihari, Bihar she had no idea that she would become a victim of such a cold blooded murder if she disapproved of her husband’s illicit affair.

The victim’s husband injected HIV infected blood into her body that led to her death in Patna’s PMCH hospital. The victim’s father has accused her husband of killing her because he wanted to marry his paramour. The father said that Jayaswal had an affair with a woman right before he was married to Jyoti and the affair continued even after the marriage.

When Jyoti raised a voice against this she was beaten black and blue by the husband. She was even denied food for several days. As a result she grew very weak. Her worried father took her to a doctor who suggested to get an HIV test along with several other tests. The tests confirmed that she was HIV negative and soon her health started to recover.

aidsTwo years ago Jayaswal took Jyoti back home on the pretext of his mother’s illness. Back at her in-laws place her mobile was snatched and she was tortured again. Her in-laws started complaining that she had become weak and suggested her to take some kind of injection for energy and strength. They called a compounder who allegedly injected HIV infected blood into her body after which she started to get weaker and thinner.

The husband then left her at her father’s home saying that he is going out of the town and he take her along with him once he is back in the town. But this never happened.

Jyoti’s father had mortgaged his land for her wedding and had also paid a hefty amount for his dowry.