Court ne Salman Khan ko hiran killing case main bari kar diya

The high profile poaching case related to the ace actor, Salman Khan is back on the limelight once again. Pronounced for poaching the endangered blackbuck and Chinkara, the Rajasthan High Court in Jodhpur finally gave out the verdict regarding the case.

As per the accusations, Salman Khan was presumed to either walk away guilt-free, or gain a sentence of 5 years if pleaded guilty. Either which way, the verdict would come across as a sigh of relief for the actor who has been involved in the case for over 18 years.

And now that the day is finally here, the Rajasthan High Court finally gave out its verdict. As per the court’s decision, Salman is declared to be guilt-free from the poaching of the endangered animals. That’s right! Salman Sultan Khan is free to walk away!

As per the defence lawyers, several fake witnesses were produced at the court session which led to Salman being convicted in the past. Claiming it to be a trap laid out to frame the Sultan Khan, the defence lawyer seemed pleased over the verdict.

However, troubles do not end for Salman Khan with the High Court’s decision. As per the Rajasthan Government lawyers, they reject the High Court’s decision and intend to approach the Supreme Court on the same.

Well, even if matters do reach the Supreme Court, it’s time for celebration for Salman and his family, at least for now. Having taken a solid time span of 18 years for the verdict, we wonder how long the Supreme Court will take to lay out its decision.

Until matters proceed further, Salman and family intend to rejoice their time of freedom. And while the Khan clan are busy enjoying their glory, you can go ahead and take a look at what the film fraternity has to say on the court’s decision!