Rape ke baad munh main fevikwik daal kar hatya

hatyaRaipur. Byanar Kondagaon district of Chhattisgarh on the hill in the area, half-dressed corpse of 15-year-old student, was recovered Friday. Fevikvik highlights in his eyes, mouth, and segment. Police involved in the investigation of the murder suspect was first raped her. Seeks Power enhancement pills near body also found. The girl came out to go to school …
– Event from 9 to July 22 is reported to be between 6 pm.
– Byanar middle school girl studying in 7th with their peers of the day by way of the hill, a kilometer away from her home to go to school came out.
– Bicycle puncture on the way ahead and that being left alone with him. Neither the students nor the school then went home.
– 6 pm when he reached home, his family began the search.
– The girl’s father was a primary school teacher, who took on the way to school, the student’s school bag, showing the way to the hill.
– Met with the bag being dragged further into the forest on the pursuit of the targets as showing some cloth. Once I found the body of the girl.
– Police believe that after the rape was taken to the desert dragged, then his eye and may be inserted in the mouth Fevikvik.
– Police killers acquaintance of the victim is to be feared.
Seeks Power enhancement pills found
– The rape victim and rapist chance-a-crime marks are seen clashes between.
– The girl’s corpse with marks of wounds received in semi-nude condition. Also found at the scene also found sex enhancement pills power.
Father daughter’s body had taken all night to lap
– Evening around 6 pm to report the matter to the police after the police arrived at the scene 14 hours later.
– Until the girl’s father to protect from wild animals all night in the rain Bigkr daughter’s body had been taken in arms.
– Police say they are aware of the case landed around 10 pm. But the forensic team had brought along, why could not the night.
18 years of social boycott Hapriwar
– The victim’s brother, said his family Cetram Shorey last 18 years, including Christian society. As a result, the whole family has Boycott villagers society.
– The land of the village quarrel Gayta caste people running. They forcibly occupy 3 acres are cultivated by.
– A few days ago Gayta Kancha Netam, Sitaram Libru Netam Netam and had to fight from. They are demanding the removal of the village.
– The program in the village to the family they have not called and no one comes to the village.
The accused identified
ASP deepamala Kashyap said Byanar case has been registered at the police station. Crime may be the way to find the identity of the accused. Police are trying to look into the matter seriously. The accused will be arrested soon.