Man shoots himself when GF refused to marry

girl friendBaglpur (Bihar) Bhagalpur district under Sabour Bhitrti four o’clock Friday evening in the village of Samastipur girlfriend came to meet the young man died of gunshot wounds. The young man has been shot in the head. Girlfriend told police that he had asked Sonu marry me? As I have said, he pulled a pistol and shot himself in the head. Between 2012 and Sonu Sweety affair was going on …
Deceased Sonu Singh (22) Vidyaptinagr station (Samastipur) was a resident of the village of Mau. His father’s name is Virendra Singh. Khokha on the spot, the police have recovered a country-made pistol.
Between 2012 and Sonu Sweety affair was going on. Sonu Sweety’s father to marry Karan Singh visited the village of Mau. Karan Singh Sonu looking at the boy and his house was disliked, but the love between Sonu Sweety and remained. Both were well prepared for the wedding, but the father was standing in disagreement marriage. For this reason he had refused to marry sweetie.
Said Sonu Sweety shot himself was killed
Sonu Sweety said Friday evening came from the rear of the house door. Sweetie and her cousin in the house at the time were the two. Sonu Sweety asked the sisters before you marry me. Sweetie said, papa are forbidden. Sonu took the pistol and shot himself in the head.
Sonu’s parents informed the police about the incident is. Sonu’s family on Saturday from Muzaffarpur Bhagalpur arrive, followed by post-mortem of the body will be. The police say that until the autopsy report is not long, it is difficult to say that Sonu committed suicide or was shot.
Forensic teams examining the scene of three hours
The forensic team examined the scene about three hours. The report is expected Saturday. Sonu also believes that the team has not committed suicide, he was shot and killed.
Event information received by law DSP Rajesh Prabhakar Singh, Inspector Lodipur brother Bharat, Sabour SHO Neeraj Tiwari arrived at the scene. Police sweetie, sweetie of his father Karan Singh and two other cousins ​​were taken to the police station for questioning. Sweetie’s father Karan Singh dighwara (Chapra) Ami of village living and working as a laboratory technician at the college Sabour. Bhitrti of land in the village are living in houses built over the year prior.