Police ki wardi pahan kar 2 saal tak ghoomti rahi boyfriend kay saath

Police ki wardi pahan kar 2 saal tak ghoomti rahi boyfriend kay saath Gurdaspur (Punjab) Boyfrend married a girlfriend for 2 years, forged ASI (Assistant Sub Inspector) to be revolved. Morning lie line duty to ask the police to prove boyfriend arrived. It caught in the question and answer. Kanwal Jeet Kaur of Gurdaspur resident is accused of Kalanaur and BCA have. The bogus marriage to Bwaॅyfrend ASI …
– According to police, the son married boyfriend wanted the family to be a cop.
– Reputation 2 years to make it uniform with Boy Friend revolved markets.
– Rose, she just comes and the day turned from Gurdaspur returns.
– A police uniform of anyone ever dared to question him.
It was Silwai police uniforms and bought a batch and belt
– Accused Kanwaljit said his intention was not to blackmail anyone in uniform.
– To marry her boyfriend and his family was due to the employee to make your reputation so that he had to wear uniforms to be married.
– Kanwaljeet Kairon market Silwai Amritsar police uniforms and the batch and the police also bought the belt.
Ftak answer to the question, is taken from Phillaur training
– On Monday to convince his lie in uniform reached police lines with her boyfriend.
– Police did not do anything to him, seeking his Aikard. Batch and training Ftak replied when asked about the training took place in Phillaur.
– When asked to name the officer Kuldeep Singh said bidding. Then he questioned the depth expose his lies and found that it came as ASI is fake.
– After examining the young man was sent to the city police station, a case was registered against kanwaljeet.
Marriage was intended or something, being investigated
– SSP Hundl Jagdeep Singh said when asked about the action on counterfeit Asaai woman forged ASI has become a crime has been registered against him.
– Kanwaljeet reasons behind the police uniform is still under investigation. He said his aim was to get married or to know something and are being questioned.