What happened when woman found husband with another woman in bed

BedA 26-year-old woman recently complained about the atrocities waged against her at in-laws home during a public hearing in Kanker district of Chhattisgarh. According to the woman, her husband is having an illicit relationship with her sister-in-law. The woman alleged that her husband not only beat her but also tried to kill her twice.

Durgeshwari got married to Digambar Devang in February 2015. Soon after the marriage, she got to know that her husband was having an illicit relationship with her sister-in-law. Durgeshwari said that her husband used to spend most of his time with her sister-in-law. The woman once went to the market for some work and when came back, she caught her husband and sister-in-law in objectionable condition.

When she tried to raise her voice, the sister-in-law made clearly said that she won’t leave her husband. On top of that, the woman’s husband started beating for raising the issue. He even stopped giving her food as a result; she was on the verge of starvation. The woman also alleged that her husband tried to suffocate her to death when she was sleeping in her room.

He even disconnected the electricity of her room and was forced to live inside it without power for 20 days during summer. The woman has already filed a complaint against her husband and case has been registered against him for domestic violence and dowry harassment.

But the woman alleged that the police didn’t take any action into the matter despite filing a written complaint. This is why she decided to raise her matter during the public hearing. The matter has now been handed over to Women and Child Development department for further action.