Yogendra Yadav to form new party

new Delhi. AAP breakaway Yogendra Yadav, prof. Ajit Kumar Jha and make new political party. Yadav tweet to launch a new political party is announced. He wrote that the new party will be completed by October Process 2. Then the party will be launched. Please tell the AAP is removed from the name of the organization, formed by these people together Swaraj campaign. The committee members made 6 ….
– The process of creating a new party is created a committee of six members. It will Knvenr Ajit Jha. Yogendra Yadav, member of the committee.
– Anand Kumar Swaraj Abhiyan National Knvenr is determined. The election campaign of Swaraj in Delhi after 2-day meeting of the National Executive said.
– Organization of the Vice President of the Tamil Nadu Christina Sami, Avik Saha from Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Delhi Purushottam has chosen PS Sharda.
– In addition to the new kernel Nandgaokar secretary Rajiv meditator and Fahim Khan was elected general secretary.
– Being told that the new party’s name will be included in the word Swaraj.
– Swaraj charge of the campaign, according to the media and more than 100 districts in 6 states Swaraj campaign has been prepared for the selected unit.
Yadav said
– Yadav said: “Our party means making true and honest people in the country where they will also be added. ‘
– ” By adding together the people we will present examples of alternative politics. ”
-svraj Campaign Tweets Ritvit the Yadav tweeted, “will be a long way peers, and difficult. But we will. ”
– Yadav said 4 years ago I had a dream the same political hygiene, but the one-man show by Arvind Kejriwal put the party.
Will party under RTI
– Transparency in the new party to maintain Swaraj campaign has placed himself under RTI.
– This is a Public Information Officer appointed.
– Further accountability for the Lokpal 3 members have also been appointed.
– Lokpal Kamini Jaiswal, Sumit Chakravarty and Noor Mohammad covers.
– AAP Yadav last year after being dropped, April 14, 2015. The name of the organization, formed Swaraj campaign.
– AAP candidate Yogendra Yadav of Gurgaon has contested the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.