If one is hurt, another twin also feels the pain

twinsDarbhanga. Story of two twin brothers in Bihar’s Darbhanga district very similar to Hindi films. Not just the pain of a broken hand the other hand is broken. At the moment, both the LA-treatment of children by the family is suffering from the disease. Parents do not have so much money that he could get medical treatment.

– Rampur village under Darbhanga station bahera satisfaction Runm Jha Jha and twin sons Luv and Kush, is seven years old.

– Both at the time of birth is one hour. Currently, DMCH Dr. SN Saraf both are being treated in private clinics.

– Dr. Sarraf and mother of two, said Runm Love Kush then also broken arm broken five times, three of Kush Love of the broken arm broken arm.

– The first hand after the break up of Kush were the nail in his hand right now but just after the hour-long intervals of Love broke his hand in the hand itself is mounted plate.

– The father of the two children are not financially strong. They work in Bangalore chef.

Family, is quite troublesome

– 35-year-old mother from childhood with both Runm says this is happening.

– The sick are in the grip of a second in the same illness.

– It also increases the tension of those home. The economic impact is likely.

– Both mentally healthy and normal children are like children.

It is the subject of research: Dr. Sarraf

– Dr. SN Saraf explained that the medical world does not consider the notion.

– Searching on the Internet to find out but it was not available anywhere.

– Abroad but also approached several doctors are all amazed. It is a matter of research.