Girl raped by man for 8 months and then handed over to friends


Muzaffarnagar. The pretext of marrying a girl of 8 months, the issue of physical relations unfolded. Accused the girl made porn video clips, which have threatened to viral. Police registered a case on the complaint of the victim, the accused started looking.

Relation of the time the video was made, was later shows

– The case of Muzaffarnagar Charathaval police station station.

– A girl, a resident Salma (name changed) has alleged that the person lives in the village Jaul name.

– Jaul is married, he has 3 children.

– Salma said, despite being married Jaul had followed me and was trying to talk to me.

– I was in her lovely, lovely things and began to love him.

– He wanted me to make a physical relationship, but I used to refuse.

– He then decided to get married, which I was ready for a relationship.

– Maintaining relations with me many times in the past 8 months. When he had relations also makes video, which was later to show me.

– A day never to marry me Jaul spoke. When I opposed him, he threatened to viral videos.

– Salma said, for fear of viral photo I was quietly, said nothing to anyone.

– Last July 25 Jaul called me to talk to your friend’s house. I thought maybe he has realized his mistake.

– I went to meet him. 3 friend were already at room Jaul.

– Accused the gang with me half -2 hours.

– When I arrived there were protests kids playing around, then tell someone accused by threatening to kill him if he fled.

– Moreover, the accused had threatened me that if I will kill my brother say anything to anybody.


– Salma said just now, my body is alive, I am dead inside.

– I want to hang rapists with my own hands.

– Meanwhile, SSP Deepak Kumar, Mamna dispute between husband and wife, their marriage is registered in 2015.

– The wife accused her husband that she was gangraped by friends.

– We have registered a case on the complaint of the victim, the investigation is ongoing. Whoever is found guilty, action will be against him.

– The father of Salma says, police came to the house and placed penalty was saying we’ll let you decide.