Luteri Dulhan dupes husband of Rs. 5 lakh and runs away

Jhunjhunu. Rajasthan is a young man troubled by his bride’s father’s blackmail. Jewelery and money and fled from the house with the maiden name of the bride is not taking the law now. Husband of three years is awaiting her arrival. The father of the bride farewell predatory and is demanding money. Here is what the whole event …

  luteri dulhan– Bugala station area in 2013, living in Prem Chand said he met 45-year-old resident of Gwalior MP Budgam district occurred Gulab Chand.

– Things Gulabchand asked about marriage.

– The death of his father has said Premchand. Responsibility over the whole house and yet she is not married.

– The 24-year-old daughter Usha Gulabchand his proposed marriage with her.

– He introduced other girl came Usha Premchand.

– However, a precondition Gulabchand. He said he is very poor in the Rs 4 lakh to her daughter’s wedding, before which he will return in a few days.

– Here Premchand was so impressed with Usha that he paid Rs 4 lakh to her father.

– 17 of May 2013, the two got married.

– Just 15 days after the maiden went to the girl jewelry and some money.

– When Usha Premchand was bringing back to his father instead of Rs 4 lakh demanded again.

– Premchand’s no money because he came back.

– The wife went there several times been requested to send the law.

– Farewell to the point of Premchand’s father repeatedly been demanding money and refused to deny he sent the girl.

– According to the victim, said that neither his father nor the girl, he will send the money back. He is married to Usha forget her.

– The disturbing his father to the police station the victim, has filed a lawsuit against his wife and three others.