Amazing! 4 and 6 years old children accused of molesting, stabbing

4 yearsGorakhpur police have booked a four and a six-year-old of undressing, molesting and stabbing a woman. The police have also been conducting raids around the area, in search of the two kids. Gorakhpur police charge 4-year-old with molesting, stabbing girl. Furthermore, the two have not even been identified by the police yet, and it was apparently the court that ordered their arrest.

A woman named Nirmala Devi had filed a complaint that two brothers, Sonu (6) and Monu(4), had molested and stabbed her daughter. The case was registered on July 27. The police are now making hefty efforts to nab the two brothers. According to Sonu and Monu’s family, they have been framed under false accusations, and also that the two have not been able to attend school because of this case.

– Nirmala Devi alleged that Sonu Monu live in their house.

– He always his daughter (14) tampered with, grab hands and were taking photos.

– That, one day children publicly tore his daughter’s clothes and tried with her vulgarity.

4 years 2– Lower the boom on the girl when her sister arrived to save Sonu Monu the murderous attack on him with a knife.

Monu and Sonu on the woman’s complaint under IPC sections 323, 307, 324, 354, 354 A, 504, 506 such cases have been recorded in streams.

– These molestation, attempted murder includes such critical sections.

– Please tell the children apart from their parents was also filed.

– According to information received, on March 13, 2016 between the two families had a dispute over land, but the case was calm.

– Meanwhile, on July 27 lawsuit lodged by a party.

– Investigator Mahendra Pratap Singh in the case, was surprised to see that in children.

– If one reads in the primaries have not started studying yet another.

– Nirmala Devi has been reprimanded him.

– However, according to the SO, the name of the children of the trial has been ordered to leave immediately.

– Mislead the court on the case of these children were recorded. Evidence before the court will police.

– The IG Mohit Agarwal Gibrti mindset that it is a reflection of society.

– Abuse of children is inexcusable. Whatever the case is found guilty, action will be taken against him.