Water in tap turned red, people opened water tank where a dead body was floating

Karnal. In a case of an extremely shocking sense of Karnal, the dead body of a migrant worker in the water tank was placed on the neighbor’s roof. Disclosure was in the house when the neighbor opened the tap water and it was red. Ran-ran came on deck, lifted the lid of the tank flew his senses. Pankaj used floor grinding …
– According to information received, sense of living in the ward -5 Ravindra Totian opened one by one, many of the home, got all red in the water.
– They looked into the tank placed on the roof, then the body was found. People urriedly informed the police of the matter.
– Police investigating the identity of the deceased were identified as Pankaj originally from Bihar, who was hired at the Ravindra Pdhaes of it. He was working as a sense organ grinding stone floors.
– The police station in-charge Narendra Kumar sense that the bodies of the Medical College morgue for post-mortem examination has begun sending. Registered a case of murder against unknown deceased colleagues have started questioning.