(Written by Muslim Saleem …Bhopal 11 January, 2019)
Khanqah Shareef Mujaddidi was founded by famous Muslim saint Hazrat Yaqub Mujaddidi alia Peer Nanhe Mian saheb (Khanqah is situated near Peer Gate). He was the most charismatic and famous saint of the family, whose Karaamat were talk of the town. It is said that one of his disciples (mureed) wanted to visit Ajmer Shareef for many years. But the saint did not allow him. When the disciple insisted again and again, Hazrat Nanhe Mian allowed him to go to Ajmer. He gave the disciple a letter asking him to deliver it to the first man he saw after entering premises of Ajmer Dargah. He was also instructed to bring a reply to the letter.
On reaching Ajmer, the disciple found an old man standing there and handed over the letter to him. When retrning, he found the same man standing at the gate who gave a letter to him asking him to deliver it to Peer Nanhe Mian sb.
When the disicple came back to Bhopal and delivered the letter to Peer Nahne Mian sb, the latter started to smile. The disciple enquired as to why he was smiling after seeing the reply. Then Peer sb revealed that the person whom the disciple delivered the letter was none other than Hazrat Moeen Uddin Chishti RA (who had died about 700 years ago). In his letter to Khwaja Sb, Hazrat Peer Nanhe Mian has asked as to why Khwaja sb calls people from all over sub-continent since some of them face difficulty in it. In the answar, Khwaja Sb wrote “How can I stop people from coming to my Rauza when you yourself could not stop your own disciple from coming here.”
Another of his famous Karaamat is release of passport to revivor of Taajul Masajid, MAULANA IMRAN KHAN SB NADVI. HAZRAT HAD INSPIRED AND ORDERED IMRAN KHAN SB TO REJUVENATE THE INCOMPLETE MOSQUE WHICH WAS LYING DILIPIDATED AND DESOLUTE AND ESTABLISH A MADRASA THERE. When Imran Khan sb failed to gather enough funds from all over India, Hazrat asked him to bring donations from foreign countries. For it, passpart was requited which in those time was issued from Lucknow.
Maulana Imran sb had taken several rounds of Lucknow office for months together. But the communal minded officer declined to issue the passport on one pretext or other. One evening , Maulana Imran sb had returned from Lucknow and visited Hazrat and Hazrat had apprently no knowlege about his Lucknow visit. Peer sb asked him to go to Lucknow to get the passport. On this, Maulana Imran sb said that he was coming from Lucknow and was denied by the officer. Hearing this, Peer sb asked him to immediately go to Lucknow since his passport is ready. Imran sb rushed to Lucknow and found that officers of Passport Office gleefully handed him the passport. (this incident has been written by great poet and writer of Bhopal Janab Kausar Siddiqui in his epic poem “jaa e nuzul e rahmat, Bhopal Page 276. Seh Maahi Karwan e Adab, Bhopal-January to September 2016)
The Khanqah Shareef Mujaddidi family at Peer Gate in Bhopal is one of the most revered places in Bhopal, having followers of all faiths. The water from this holy shrine is reputed to have healing powers and is distributed free to all. A large number of Hindus and Muslims take the holy water daily.
The holy men at the Khanqah are descendants of Hazrat Mujaddadi Alf-i-Sani, the renowned Sufi of Delhi, who was respected by Mughal emperors Akbar and Jehangir. Peer Nanhe’s Miyan’s grandfather Shah Raoof Ahmed Rafat Mujjadidi came to Bhopal during the rule of Nawab Faujdar Mohammad Khan. The Khanqah soon became a spiritual centre and a place where people of all faith revere.
Maulana Peer Saeed Miyan Mujaddadi
The last famou figure of the family was renowned Islamic scholar and Rector of Darul Uloom Taj-ul-Masajid, Bhopal Maulana Peer Saeed Miyan Mujaddadi who passed away on Sunday, June 30, 2009. He was 85. His last journey started at 9 am from his residence and Khanqah at Peer Gate and the Namaz-e-Janaza was held at lal Parade ground and laid to rest in his family graveyard just opposite to lal Parade ground and adjacent to police petrol pump.
He was referred respectfully and affectionately as Peer sahab by the Muslim community.
Peer Saaed Miyan sahab, as he was affectionately called, was a well-known personality in the Islamic world. Referred and respected by all communities, he followed the traditions of his ancestors. He led a simple life focusing on religious and spiritual aspect of Islam, a hallmark of the Mujjadidi family that came to Bhopal in 1818.