LS Election-2019: Three-tier security of EVM strong room for counting

Bhopal, May 22, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): Counting will start in the counting stations approved by the Commission in Lok Sabha Elections-2019. Three-tier security has been ensured for the EVM strong room. The EVM strong room is being protected by the Central Security Force. Video recording of even the authorized personnel coming for inspection of the Strong Room is being done by the Central security Force.
After counting of votes is over, the Central Security Force will provide security till the EVMs are kept back in the strong room and sealed. After this, the responsibility of security will be handed over to the state security forces.
Security has been ensured to bring the EVMs from the strong room to the counting hall and vice versa. Barricades have been set up by creating a restricted area of ​​100 meters from the counting venue. No vehicle will be allowed to enter in this area. CCTV cameras will be installed in the counting hall and from time to time, videography will also be done as per requirement. Internet access, broadband (wire) will be made available at the counting venue. Wi-Fi cannot be used under any situation.
According to the manual of EVM-VVPAT, issued by the Election Commission of India in February 2019, the EVMs and VVPATs used in the election have been kept safely in the EVM strong room prepared in all the district headquarters.
The Strong Room has a double lock, with one key in the custody of the District Returning Officer and the other with the Returning Officer / Assistant Returning Officer of the concerned area. The strong room is under 24 –hour three-tier security. Central Police Force is positioned in the inner perimeter of the strong room and the State Armed Police force is deployed for security in the outer periphery.
Entry into counting centers with security guards prohibited
The candidate will not be admitted in the counting centers with his security guards / armed security guards. Such a candidate will be allowed to enter without his security guard and he will have to submit a consent letter that he is surrendering his security for admission in the centre.
Candidates with SPG security can be allowed to enter the counting centre with a security guard in plain clothes, with a concealed arms.