Baba e Urdu Maulana Abdul Haq by Muslim Saleem

26th June 2016

Maulvi Abdul Haq Baba-e-Urdu 1
Maulvi Abdul Haq Baba-e-Urdu 2
Maulvi Abdul Haq Baba-e-Urdu 3
Maulvi Abdul Haq Baba-e-Urdu 4

The article attached gives an in-depth  knowledge of the great work done by Baba e Urdu Maulvi Abdul Haq for the uplift and development of Urdu in India as well as Pakistan. Penned by Janab Aleem Falaki in Urdu, it also pays highest tributes to HEH Mir Osman Ali Khan, the Nizam of Hyderabad for his generous financial support to the cause of Urdu through Maulvi Abdul Haq leading way to the opening of Osmania University, primary, secondary and high schools with Urdu as the medium of teaching and  Dar ul Tarjuma, the house of translations of Arts, Histories and the Sciences from all languages in to Urdu….a Herculean task by all academic standards. For those interested in Urdu, this article would be of great interest to read. Pls. open attachments by serial numbers 1 through 4. (Saud Siddiqui, Karachi)