Madhya Pradesh’s dream “Har Kisan-Ek Baagvan’

Shri Prasanna Khemariya in lecture series “Asardar Parivartan- Tikau Parinam’

Bhopal, June 1, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): The dream of Madhya Pradesh is ‘Har Kisan-Ek Baagvan’. This was stated by Shri Prasanna Khemaria, CEO Change Leader of Srijan, while expressing his thoughts on the topic ‘Learning and Challenges from Down-ceiling Horticulture Models in Madhya Pradesh’ at the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Good Governance and Policy Analysis Institute in lecture series ‘Asardar Parivartan Tikau Parinam (Effective Changes Long-lasting Results).’
Director General of the Institute Shri R. Parashuram said that it is important to understand the process of change. He said that the Change Leaders are Focused and Visionary. They have the ability to motivate people, change their mindset and work beyond boundaries.
Change Leader Shri Khemaria told ways about how to increase the income of farmers through small plantations in low rainfall areas. He said that mango trees begin to give fruit in 3 years. Shri Khemaria said that annual income from 40 to 80 mango trees can be around Rs 50 thousand.
Orchards-a support for old age
Shri Khemaria said that orchards are considered a source of income for male farmers and a support for old age for the women. He says that it is necessary for the development of horticulture that a farmershare his success with other farmer. Shri Khemaria said that Collaboration, Coordination and Convergence is essential for the success of the scheme. He said that farmers are producing fruits in about 122 villages of Chhindwada, Tikamgarh and Anuppur in Madhya Pradesh. Till now more than 7 thousand fruit-bearing saplings have been planted. Shri Vivek Sharma told about Badi programme.
Shri Khemaria also addressed the queries of the audiance. The Advisor of the Institute Shri Girish Sharma conducted the lecture series. Advisors of the institute Shri M.M. Upadhyay, Shri Mangesh Tyagi and other officials-employees were present.