Man Hangs 12-year-old Son to Death in Bengaluru, Daughter Films Incident on Phone

Bengaluru: In a disturbing incident reported from Bengaluru, a man forcefully hung his 12-year-old son to a ceiling fan and convinced his wife to commit suicide on Sunday. The incident took place in Vibhutinagar in HAL and was shot on phone by the accused’s teenaged daughter.
Suresh Babu, 43, is a sales executive while his wife Geethbai worked as a house help in a nearby residential locality, the police said.
The couple ran into financial trouble after running a chit fund which incurred losses. They had borrowed money from private money lenders and when they failed to repay it, Suresh and his wife decided to kill themselves and their 17-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son, Varun.
The 3 minute, 47 second video shows Suresh forcefully hanging Varun from the ceiling fan as Geetha and his daughter cry and move around. The daughter is heard pleading in Marathi to leave her brother alone. The video ends abruptly when Geetha snatches the phone from her daughter’s hand. Police conjecture that she killed herself afterwards.
“As per Suresh’s statement to the police, the daughter stopped him when he was attempting to kill himself,” said Abdul Wahad, DCP Whitefield.
Suresh initially told the cops that it was Geetha who killed the son and later committed suicide. However, on investigation, police found that it was a mass suicide attempt. Suresh has been arrested and charged with murder and abetment to suicide.