Due to planned efforts daily water supply in 258 urban bodies this year in Madhya Pradesh

Improvement in urban drinking water system
Regular water supply in only 193 urban bodies in 2018
Bhopal, June 6, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): Due to well-planned efforts of the government, water is being supplied daily in 258 out of total 378 urban bodies of the state at present. Water was being supplied daily in 193 urban bodies in the year 2018, 206 in year 2017, 179 in 2016, 165 in 2015 and 162 in the year 2014. The number of urban bodies where water is being supplied on alternate days has come down to 96 from 130. The number of bodies where water is being supplied in a gap of two days has reduced to 28 from 62 and bodies where water supply was being made in a gap of three days has reduced to one from 38.
Drinking water scheme approved in all urban bodies
Urban Development and Housing Minister Shri Jaivardhan Singh has informed that the government aims at ensuring availability of drinking water in every house through taps in all the urban bodies. He said that drinking water schemes have approved for all 378 urban bodies. Of these, 197 schemes have been completed. The remaining 181 urban bodies schemes are in various stages of implementation, which are targeted to be completed by March 2020. Shri Singh informed that water sources have been marked in such a manner that drinking water is available throughout the year.

Number of tankers reduced

The impact of imporovement in water supply system was apparent from the drinking water being transported through tankers. Water is being transported through tankers in only 32 urban bodies in the year 2019-20. This number was 130 in the year 2016-17, 136 in year 2017-18 and 120 urban bodies in year 2018-19. This has also reduced expenses on drinking water transport.