Climate Smart Village Scheme in Rajgarh, Satna, Sehore district

EPCO initiates to assist farmers to cultivate as per climate change
Bhopal, June 7, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): Twenty villages each of Rajgarh, Satna and Sehore districts are being developed as Climate Smart Villages by the Environment Planning and Coordination Organization (EPCO). Through this scheme, farmers are being given an innovative initiative to help in farming as per climate change. This is the first plan of its kind in the country.
Grants are being given to the farmers to construct field-ponds in selected villages through Climate Smart Village Scheme. Flood and drought tolerant seeds are being distributed. They are also being advised regarding the balanced use of fertilizers on the basis of scientific and technical analysis of the field soil. They are being encouraged to use solar irrigation pumps. Farmers are being alerted not to burn remnants of crops in the fields.