Corrupt engineer used to sleep on Rs 3 crore notes, held taking Rs. 14 lakh bribe

Patna. The Vigilance team arrested the engineer and cashier of the Road Building department in Patna on Saturday for taking 14 lakh rupees bribe. After this the team also raided the house of engineer Suresh Prasad Singh. During this time, the team recovered around 2.5 crore rupees from the engineer’s bed and suitcase. According to the team, the notes were too many to count the machine. Vigilance also got jewelry and land papers from home. They are being investigated.
Bribe sought for contract
Vigilance DSP Gopal Paswan told that the company of the contractor Akhilesh Kumar Jaiswal works in the area of ​​road construction. Engineer and cashier had demanded Rs 32 lakhs from Akhilesh for contractual road construction between Bihata and Bikram. The deal fixed at 28 lakhs. Contractor gave 14 lakh as Advance on Saturday. Money was transported to the Engineer’s house. Cashier Shashi Bhushan was also present at that time. Vigilance’s team was already on alert. The engine caught hold of it as soon as the money was taken by the engineer.