Sweets and Namkeen cluster to be made in Jabalpur, proposal sent to Government of India

Youth get new hopes in 6 months
Bhopal, June 16, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): With state government’s decisions to promote investment and industries for employment, youth have got new hope. Looking at government’s speedy decision regarding investment, the youth who are looking for employment opportunities from them are enthusiastic. A proposal has been sent to the Government of India for sweet and namkeen cluster in Jabalpur. This will prove to be a new step in Mahakaushal region. A confectionery cluster is being developed in the Malwa region of Indore which will provide employment to the local people. Apart from this, textile parks are coming up in Mohana industrial area Dhar, Acharpura industrial area Bhopal, Lehgadua industrial area Chhindwara and Jaora industial area Ratlam. In these parks also, local youth will get employment opportunities.
Work of setting up new units is in progress in the food processing sector. Looking at this new scenario, it can be said that with the speed in which the process of establishing investment and industry is going on in a gap of three months, youth have more hopes from the future.
Employment opportunities to 7500 youths
After the decision to make 70 percent employment to local youth in the industries mandatory in the state, it has now become necessary for industries to come up speedily. Investment proposals of Rs 6 thousand crores of big industries like India Cements, HEG, Wonder Cement, Procter and Gamble have been approved. This will provide employment to 7500 youth.
Work on several schemes is in progress to connect the youth with employment. The recent decision to allow youth to use government land for horticultural crops in the villages is significant and will prove to be revolutionary in m any ways. The Government has expressed its intention to provide skill training to the youth so that they can be employed immediately and this has made the youth hopeful of moving ahead.
The development scenario of Madhya Pradesh has been multicoloured and multi-dimensional in many ways. Governments come with their own thinking and viewpoints and work accordingly. With time, new policies and decisions are required. With this view, when the state’s Kamal Nath government came to power after 15 years, it was necessary to take such decisions which can take the development of the state forward more rapidly. Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath has not caused any delay. The government-administration started with the order of waiving loans of farmers under debt of Rs 2 lakhs. This is the biggest step in the history of the state. Loans of about Rs 21 lakhs have been waived or are in the final process. The second phase of loan waiver has started.
Faith of the public has returned
Meanwhile, nearly 3 months passed by in Code of Conduct due to the Lok Sabha polls. In the true sense, the government got only 3 months to work. In such a short span, the speed with which decisions have been taken has re-instilled faith in people.
The government has reiterated its resolve for development of the state and the prosperity of the common citizens. The speedy decisions have proved that the government is a government of common people. A new history of development of Madhya Pradesh is ready to be written. The state has got the experience and visionary leadership needed to strengthen the infrastructural framework of the socio- economic development of Madhya Pradesh. Three months of decisions have knocked at every area of ​​development.