State’s 1300 k.m. roads upgraded in 6 months: Minister Shri Verma

Bhopal, June 19, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): The Minister for Public Works Shri Sajjan Singh Verma has informed that 1300 k.m roads have been upgraded and 1550 roads have been restored by spending Rs. 602 crore in the last 6 months in the state. In the same period, the construction of 27 bridges costing Rs. 186 crore has been completed, he added.
Keeping in view the road safety, the Public Works Department has issued directives to the field staff to make provisions for geometric design of roads, road marking and road furniture. Decision has been taken to formulate state road policy to determine departments to construct different roads. The construction of Madhyalok Bhavan in Navi Mumbai has been completed by the Madhya Pradesh Road Development Corporation by spending Rs.74 crore.
Approval has been obtained from the Union Ministry for Road Transport and Highways for the proposal for converting Bhopal-Indore Express Way 4 Lane Road into 6 lane. The project is 142.63 k.m long. In order to make road transport comfortable in the state an action plan is being implemented for construction of large and medium bridges, R.O.Bs and Flyovers during the next 5 years. Under this, 400 large and medium bridges costing Rs. 200 crore, 55 R.O.Bs costing Rs. 1600 crore and 17 Flyovers worth Rs. 1940 crore are included.
Under the NDV Project, the construction work of 56.45 k.m. Bairasia-Narsingarh Road, Bhojapura-Ahmedpur and Doraha-Ahmedpur has been completed in the state by spending Rs. 108.49 crore. The 78.30 k.m. long Seoni-Katni 2 lane road has also been completed and an amount of Rs. 92 crore has been spent on the construction. Moreover, under the 6th loan of Asian Development Bank, tenders of works of 1638 k.m. roads costing Rs. 3595 crore of Madhya Pradesh Road Development Corporation have been approved.