Let the Bat Be A Symbol Indias Victory And Not Defeat Of Democracy-Kamal Nath

Bhopal, June 28, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath has written in his latest blog;
Dear young colleagues,
India has two great qualities. Firstly, it is the world’s largest democracy and secondly, it is world’s youngest nation. It is but natural that the country has greater expectations from the elected young representatives. Why not ? We have a glorious heritage of democracy.
The full-grown banyan tree of Indian democracy we are witnessing today has deep roots. The seeds of sacrifice were sown deeper and today it stands as source of inspiration for the entire world.
Pandit Nehru used to say that only cultured youth will build the country’s future. Today, elected young representatives should introspect and think about the path they wish the country to follow in future. One path leads to fulfillment of expectations of the glorious heritage of our democracy and another one leads to fanaticism. Friends, fanatic approach can bring cheap popularity but it cannot enrich our democracy.
Young people’s representatives have the responsibility to make laws and not to violate laws. You are expected to assert yourself with logics without exceeding the dignified limits.
Today the whole world is witnessing our shining bat. Our cricket team is on the victory path and we all are confident of winning the World Cup. But the victory cannot be achieved without hard work. Players have to work hard and observe discipline as it teaches patience. The patience leads to have profounder sense of tolerance, which brings maturity. And maturity becomes the foundation of victory. Be it sports or democracy, the principles are the same.
I am not saying this in a parochial manner. This is my humble urge to young colleagues of all parties. I think being the Chief Minister it is my duty to keep on having discussions with them.
Dear young representatives of the people, let your bat be a symbol of India’s victory and not the symbol of defeat of democracy on the streets.