Central Budget- a web of twisted words, will increase inflation- CM Shri Kamal Nath

Bhopal, July 5, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): The Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath has described the Budget 2019-20 presented by the Union Minister for Finance Sushri Nirmala Sitharaman in parliament today as web of twisted words. Shri Nath said that it is a speech more than a budget. The important points of the budget have not been mentioned.
Shri Nath stated that the budget is very disappointing for youth, farmers and middle class. People are feeling deceived. Since the Union Government is known as the government which always creates new jumlas, no concrete things have been mentioned in this budget. Unsuccessful attempt has been made to repeat the things of the last tenure. Works which could have been done with small improvement have been included in the budget to distract attention.
CM Shri Nath asserted that the country was expecting that the budget would mention the remedies to eradicate pains of the farmers. Eradication of unemployment and how to realize the dreams of youth should have been mentioned in the budget. Development of scheduled categories should have been an important part of the budget. The Budget has disappointed countrymen on these points.
The Chief Minister said that the budget clarifies one thing that the share, which the states were supposed to get in the interim budget tabled a few months ago, has been reduced. Rs. 2677 crore from the share of Madhya Pradesh has been reduced. Perhaps, owing to this reason the Finance Minister found it better to remain silent on important schemes and expenditure. This reflects very bad economic management of the Union Government. The wrong statistics of economic growth rate have also come to light by this budget.
Shri Nath further mentioned that before the budget, there was a hope for announcement of new mega plan for potable water, which would help in solving people’s water problem. On the contrary, the Finance Minister did not mention anything clearly on this matter in her budget speech.
The Chief Minister said that levy of special excise duty on petrol and diesel will make common man’s life miserable. This will not only cause adverse effect on business but will also lead to rise in inflation. He further stated that all the important issues of development were evaded during the recent election and now jumla of Naya Bharat has been served to the public again. How Naya Bharat will be built with poverty, inflation and unemployment, the budget does not mention about the roadmap in this connection.
Moreover, the Chief Minister said that the budget does not have any concrete thing regarding remedies to remove unemployment and to provide opportunities to youth for progress. Step to open Media and Insurance sector for foreign capital investment is just opposite to Make in India because talents of the country will have to go through unnecessary pressure of competition. Youth, who wish to begin Startups, will also have to face challenges. Talk about village, poor and farmers are being held every year since 2014 but no concrete step has been taken in this regard in this budget too.