Woman Gets Stuck Beneath Elephant Statue at Gujarat Temple, Netizens Can’t Stop Laughing

People around the world go the extra mile for a picture or a selfie to get a perfect click. In a park, temple or some picturesque location, people can go to any extent and sometimes the results are hilarious. Recently, a woman tried to slide from beneath an elephant idol to have herself clicked in a most bizarre manner at a temple in Gujarat. However, once she is half beneath the elephant statue and after she gets clicked, she tried to slide herself out but get stuck in the process.
Now, the video of the woman stuck under the elephant statue and trying her best to get herself out of it has gone viral on social media leaving netizens in splits, mostly because how she maintained her cool and how people are trying to help her but pushing her out of the statue. In the video, other devotees at the temple can be pushing and pulling her, all while sharing the tips on how she can get herself free from beneath the statue.
The video is shared by a Facebook user Rajesh Arora and has received 1.3K likes, 416 comments and 2,124 shares so far.