Transform ‘Hara Bhopal-Sheetal Bhopal’ into Public Movement: CS Shri Mohanty

Meeting of Campaign’s Working Group held
Bhopal, July 15, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): The Chief Secretary Shri Sudhi Ranjan Mohanty said that a target to plant 11 lakh saplings in Bhopal has been set under the ‘Hara Bhopal-Sheetal Bhopal’ campaign. The campaign should be transformed into public movement to achieve the target. Besides government agencies, this is possible only with the cooperation of social institutions and individuals’ initiative. Shri Mohanty was addressing the meeting of Working Group formed for the implementation of ‘Hara Bhopal-Sheetal Bhopal’ campaign at Mantralaya today.
Shri Mohanty said that plantation should be encouraged in the entire state. Plants are being provided at low cost to ensure citizens’ participation and to connect them with the plantation. Sapling at the rate of just Rs. 10 is being made available. He also gave suggestion for planting suitable saplings of local varieties like anwla, harra, aam, jamun, neem, mahua, pipal, bargad, sagon, arjun, munga, neeebu, sitaphal, kadamb and morsi etc. as per the local climate and ambience. The plantation of these plants is being encouraged. Shri Mohanty mentioned that arrangement should be made to provide plants demand letter with ease to the persons interested in plantation. Instructions were given to distribute demand letter from house to house.
Role of media is important
Shri Mohanty stated that media has an important role to convert plantation into public movement. He appealed to the media to cooperate in publicizing efforts being made for plantation in positive way. Shri Mohanty mentioned that it is must to make plantation a social accountability. He said that it should be ensured that trees should not be felled during the building construction. If it is necessary then it should be made essential to plant 10 times more saplings in place of felled trees.
While giving instructions to include educational institutions in the plantation campaign, the Chief Secretary said that names of students should be placed before saplings planted by them to keep them associated with the plantation. Responsibility for their nurturing should also be entrusted to them. He gave suggestion to undertake plantation also by guests and artists in government programmes. He further mentioned that a condition of plantation could be made mandatory while passing the map of building construction.
Moreover, Shri Mohanty said that bamboo plantation will be encouraged at non-forest fallow land. A joint campaign by Panchayat and Rural Development and Forest Departments through self-help groups will be conducted for plantation of Katang Bamboo. After a certain period of time, the self-help groups will have right to cut bamboos. This could help in environment improvement and boost economic activities on fallow land. Giving an example of the Former Prime Minister Late Smt. Indira Gandhi, he informed that in order to save trees from felling, she had taken several steps to protect forests.
4 lakh saplings planted under campaign: Commissioner Smt. Shrivastava
The Divisional Commissioner Smt. Kalpana Shrivastava informed that woody area of capital Bhopal has come down to 22 percent from 66 percent during the last 20 years. This has resulted in 10 percent increase in temperature. There is a need to plant saplings in large number to bring it to the old condition. After the beginning of ‘Hara Bhopal-Sheetal Bhopal’ campaign, over 4 lakh saplings have already been planted in Bhopal till now. Besides activeness of government agencies, people’s participation and their activeness is must in the implementation of the campaign. The implementation and processes of the campaign have been made simple to link common man with campaign. Plantation is being encouraged in 325 parks, 6 hills, roadsides, land of educational institutions and colonies. Help of municipal corporation, sanchi parlours, petrol pumps, gas agencies and hotel operators to deliver plants from house to house.
During the meeting, suggestions were also given by media personnel and public representatives. While presenting saplings to the media personnel and describing them as Vrakshamitras, Shri Mohanty appealed for their cooperation in building atmosphere for ‘Hara Bhopal-Sheetal Bhopal’ campaign.
Along with the Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forest, representatives of Municipal Corporation, Public Works Department, Road Development Authority, Bhopal Development Authority, Army, Govindpura Industrial area and Doctors’ Association were present at the meeting.