Skill Development training for youth should be employment-oriented

Develop training strategy according to needs of industries: CM Shri Nath
Bhopal, July 31, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath has said that skill development training is successful only when the trained youth get employment or are able to establish their own enterprises. The department must develop their training strategy with this thought in mind.
Shri Nath said that before imparting skill development and employment training, discussion must be held with the industries established in Madhya Pradesh and outside and their present and future requirements must be studied. Accordingly, a skill development training programme should be prepared. The Chief Minister said that after the training our goal should be to shape the future of the trainees and to get them assured employment.
The Chief Minister said that our training is mainly based on providing employment. For this we have to focus on every educated and uneducated child of the state. They should be trained in such trades in which they get a pay according to the job. They should get such well-paying jobs that can help themselves in leading a respectable life. The Chief Minister said that the strategy of skill development training should be such that the trained or educated youth, particularly the youth from rural areas do not remain unemployed. He should get job as per his eligibility.

CM Shri Nath told officials that they should explore such areas of employment and self-employment where employment is ensured in future. Besides, training in all outdated trades should be stopped. The Chief Minister said that food processing, security guard, medicine and entertainment are such sectors where the possibilities of employment will increase in the coming times, hence more attention should be paid to it.

Principal Secretary Technical Education, Skill Development and Employment Shri Pramod Agrawal and senior officials were present in the meeting.