Great Bollywood filmmaker J Om Prakash, dies in Mumbai: Bollywood

filmmaker and Hrithik Roshan’s maternal grandad J Om Prakash died on Wednesday morning. Actor Deepak Parashar confirmed the death of his uncle on Twitter. J Om Prakash was 93. He died at his Mumbai residence at 8am. He is best known for directing Rajesh Khanna hits Aap Ki Kasam, Aakhir Kyun? and Jeetendra-starrer Arpan and Aadmi Khilona Hai, apart from producing box office hits Aas Ka Panchhi and Aaye Din Bahar Ke.
“My dearest uncle “Mr J Om Prakash”passed away about an hour ago So saddened as he joins his friend, my Mamaji “Mr Mohan Kumar “in heaven ! Their contributions to Indian cinema is a gift they left behind for us ! Took this pic few months ago when went to see him ! Om Shanti,” he tweeted.