Retired deputy director at Bhopal rescued from daughter’s house, sent to hospital

Bhopal, August 11, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): A retired was deputy director rescued from daughter’s house here. His son had requested the district legal authority to meet the elderly father. It was alleged that her sister held her father hostage, due to which she does not allow him to meet the son. When the team formed by the authority reached the elderly’s resident of Gulmohar on Saturday, they saw that his health was not good. The team rescued the elderly and admitted him to Hamidaya Hospital. Actually, Mahesh Kumar Tiwari, retired deputy director of the social welfare department, lives in Gulmohar with daughter Purnima alias Meha Tiwari.
Authority secretary Ashutesh Mishra said that the elder’s son Rajesh Tiwari had given an application that his sister had held the father hostage. He is ill, his life is in danger. His sister Purnima aka Meha Tiwari does not allow her father to meet her. Meha neither allowed the brother to meet his father nor introduced him to the authority.
A committee was formed by Secretary Mishra on this. It included Dr. Yagendra Mishra, District Legal Aid Officer BM Singh, PLV Ashish Tiwari, Advocate Sanju Mishra and Megha Tiwari and Shahpura police station in-charge Ashish Bhattacharya. The team went and met the father. Seeing his condition, he has been rescued and admitted to Hamidia Hospital. Mishra told that only after seeing his medical report, it would be decided where to keep him….