Meghwal Samaj representatives along with Energy Minister call on CM Shri Nath

Bhopal, August 14, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): Representatives of Meghwal Samaj Sangh accompanied by Energy Minister Shri Priyavrat Singh called on Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath on Wednesday. They presented a memorandum regarding registration of Meghwal caste, which comes under Scheduled Castes, in the revenue records and issuing of caste certificates.
Handing over the copy of the order to the representatives, the Chief Minister told that orders have been issued in this regard only today. Representatives of the Meghwal Samaj thanked the Chief Minister for issuance of the order. MLA Susner Shri Rana Vikram Singh was also present.
The state government has decided that if a person in whose or in whose family’s revenue records, ‘Chamar’ caste is mentioned applies for certificate of ‘Meghwal’ caste and after investigation the competent officer finds that the concerned person belongs to ‘Meghwal’ caste, then he can be issued a certificate of the same. There will be no difference in the benefits derived from issuing this type of caste certificate as both castes are included in Scheduled Caste category.