Now Parle biscuit company to terminate 10,000 employees

Parle Products, India’s largest biscuit maker may end up letting go of 8,000-10,000 employees, the company said on Tuesday. This development has been the aftermath of slowdown in ongoing consumption. The company said that they have sought reduction in Goods and Services Tax (GST) on biscuits priced at Rs 100 per kg or below, which are usually sold in packs of Rs 5. Parle Products said that if the government does not provide that stimulus, then the company might have to lay off 8,000-10,000 employees.
Parle Products employs 1 lakh people and operates 10 company-owned plants. It also maintains 125 third-party manufacturing facilities. More than half of Parle’s over Rs 10,000 crore sales come from rural markets.Products category head Mayank Shah told the Economic Times that weakening demand is because of increased GST on biscuits, which is only worsened by absence of adequate government stimulus. “We have multiple biscuit brands that are aimed at mid- and low-income consumers which form the core consumer base of a category such as ours, and we are hoping the GST increase will be rolled back if the government wants to revive demand,” Shah told the daily.